Why Our Granola Tastes So Great

Breakfast, Lunch and Hearty Energy Meal

MsPsGFree has produced this product this delicious Gluten-Free Granola just for you. Our Granola is moist and helps you to get off to a great start, adds that flavorful fullness at lunch so that you can get on with your day, then provides that heart healthy snack before or after dinner.

MsPsGFree Granola has Gluten-free Oats that are coated with Honey, then mixed with our raw Almonds and raw Cashews, we stir these ingredients together so that every morsel is nicely coated in deliciousness.

Our Process

We bake our Granola to perfection so that you get delicious nuggets of golden chewy, moist, mouthwatering and delectable bites that are then mixed with real dried Cranberries and delightful,  flavorful and plump Raisins.

Our Granola is truly a treat and provides clean eating by using many organic spices that allow you to enjoy this heart healthy treat.

We are nuts about Nuts so we pour them on, we also add Flax and Chia seed which give you a healthy dose of protein and omega 3 fats.  We want you to stay healthy so there is NO added processed Sugar, our Granola is sweetened with Honey and Stevia.

 Alive and Well

According to Healthline.com, Oats are loaded with important vitamins, minerals and antioxidant plant compounds, they contain Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B1 & B5, Protein, Fiber and a laundry list of additional health benefits.

Heart healthy Oats can lower Cholesterol levels, protect LDL Cholesterol from damage and can improve blood sugar levels according to the same article.  The article continues describing the benefits of Oats and states that Oats can contribute to weight loss by allowing you to stay full longer which reduces calorie intake and decreases your risk of obesity.

Between the deliciousness that is MsPsGFree Granola and the heart healthy benefits derived from the Oats, Flax and Chia seed as well as the Stevia and Honey, you are in for a treat that provides a one two punch of greatness, so please do enjoy!

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