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Why Gluten Free

When you hear Gluten-Free what is the first thing that pops into your thoughts? For me its feeling better, clarity and a better understanding of food choices.

Have you ever felt a pain in your stomach that won’t seem to go away? Well, I did in 2009. I went to see a number of doctors and the diagnosis varied from changing my fruit intake, vegetable intake or dairy intake, but this did not seem to do the trick. I felt like giving up on all foods.

Before Gluten-Free

A colleague told me she was Gluten-Free and I looked at her as if she had two heads, I had never in my life heard of this and needed to understand what she meant until she began to describe her symptoms. She stated she was always tired, had acid reflux, had skin lesions, and most of all severe flatulence and abdominal pain. I myself had experienced many of these symptoms and immediately put myself on a Gluten-Free Diet. Of course, my husband thought I had lost all my marbles, but once I stopped eating the Wheat, Rye and Barley, something changed, I felt better.

Before being Gluten-Free, I had:

  1. Acid Reflux
  2. Digestive Issues
  3. Severe Flatulence
  4. Abdominal Pain
  5. Was Lethargic

How to Start Gluten-Free

I began throwing out or giving away anything that had Gluten, reading every label and closely monitoring anything that I used, ate or thought about. I lost 20 pounds mainly because I was not certain what I could consume. Things really had changed for me and since I was feeling much better, I was accepting of the change and even began telling others about my new reality.

The biggest issue I was facing was taste, many of the foods back then were card board types, with very little taste or texture and so I set out to change this by learning to bake foods that I enjoyed. After trying several times to formulate foods without using Gluten (operative word being Glue) the binding agent in many breads and baked goods, I was finally able to get my baked goods to formulate and rise, family and friends began trying my baked items and loving them, I had people actually calling my items addictive and stating they could not possibly be Gluten-Free because they tasted so delicious.

I had done it! I found foods I enjoyed, and I could maintain my Gluten-Free Diet (later diagnosed by doctors). I could now share what I found and how I felt with the world.

After Gluten Free

I am now on a quest for optimal health and happiness, learning as much as I can about being Gluten-Free, and now also about supplements to assist in my quest, I feel blessed and privileged to share my findings with the world, so check us out at, or find us at Whole Foods Market.

  1. Nergetic
  2. Healthy Digestion
  3. No Acid Reflux
  4. Healthy Weight
  5. Youthful Appearance