When You Feel Healthy

When you feel healthy, you look healthy

Growing up on the south side of Chicago, I can remember wanting to have the nicest clothes but we
didn’t, wanting to have the best tennis shoes, we didn’t or just wanting to look like a little girl, believe
me many days I didn’t.
We all thought back then that what you wear on your body and your feet meant you were good, nice,
fly, down or what we have now termed as healthy, or at least wealthy, which we were not.
I have since learned that it is not the person with the best clothes or shoes, or even that person with
the nicest vehicle that makes one healthy!
The textbook definition of healthy is: being sound and well: not sick. 2: showing good
health a healthy complexion. 3: aiding or building up health healthy exercise. 4: rather large in
extent or amount They made a healthy profit.
While I understand all that is listed above, I want to go a step beyond what is written about health and
say it is absolutely being sound and well in spirit and in body.
There are many healthy people and I consider myself to be one of them, not because I am the
skinniest person in the room, or the fittest. I consider myself as healthy due to my daily habits and
practices that will prayerfully allow me to be around longer, still able to run (although not often), still
exercising daily, even if its just walking to relieve stress and anxiety (we need this during this
Pandemic), and my additional habits.

Additional Habits

I work out, exercise, walk, eat well, I love fruits and veggies especially Spinach and Kale, a recent favorite is Asparagus, and I guard my mind and thoughts, learning to speak good stuff to myself and erase the negative. I once read an article that stated most of our self-talk is negative. In order to get and stay healthy this is one of the habits that must STOP.
It is imperative to your health that you learn to love who you are, give yourself grace when you fall down or mis step, we all do that. My directions are so bad that I can literally walk around the corner and get lost (don’t blame me for this, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy from my mom), Mrs. P would say  “you little lost girl need to stay home with me, you go around the corner and get lost”, boy was she right. So instead of dwelling on it and beating myself up about it, I try to watch my surroundings, use GPS on my phone and car and know my routes so I don’t frustrate myself. No biggie!

Giving Grace

I know that God gives us lots of Grace but how much do you give to yourself and to others, learning to live an imperfect life in an imperfect world, we all make mistakes, there was only one perfect person to walk the earth and look what happened to him.
Once you learn to give yourself and others a little Grace, then you will see things will begin to get better, then adjust that self-talk, start telling yourself how great you are or can be, listen to motivating music or words, look around and enjoy this time in your life because many times it’s all we have besides the Love of God.

Getting Better

The best way to improve on what you have is to first determine what you want, then think about how to move mountains or how to eat an elephant…one bite or bucket at a time.
My journey to a better me began when I looked up after working 25 years for the government and was not elated anymore to go to work. I actually began to despise going to my workplace (a whole other story), it was at that time I had transitioned to being fully gluten-free, was considering a business venture and began my exit strategy. 
I found out that I could retire but would not be able to have my health insurance which I had picked up a few years earlier. In order to take my health insurance with me into retirement (the absolute 2nd most important step to having a good retirement, the first is having your money right), was going to be a challenge, we had to have it five years prior to retirement and I so far only had three years. 
I made the decision to begin my descent knowing that I could give it another two years and still began the next journey of my life. By the end of that year, I incorporated MsPsGFree Inc., and started figuring out the rest. I still had hurdles to overcome, once I got towards the very end of the two years I learned that I would still be two weeks short of having the much needed health insurance so I had to ask the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for a waiver to leave at the end of 2017, and take my insurance with me.
I was faced with either waiting another two weeks into 2018, which meant I would forfeit all of the leave I had carried over into 2017, or get the waiver. I applied for the waiver, prayed about it and received a Yes for retirement. I was on my way to begin living a life that was meant for me, I had completed my time and was ready to move forward, hubby wasn’t but that again is another story. 
I say all this to let you know that whatever in your life you do not like, enjoy, or want can be changed with time and effort, and of course prayer…it truly does change situations.

Staying well

I now work out daily, take supplements, thanks to my wonderful Naturalist Dr. Miravone Dorough, who placed me on Vitamin C with Flavonoids’ which helped me kick the Allegra habit, Meta-Balance (for these power surges, ladies over 50 understand), and Mega Spore a daily Pro-biotic. I also discovered Black seed pills, Spirulina which is a super food that seems to help my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Vitamin D3. I have been also taking a daily dose of Elderberry Extract for my congestion, thanks to recommendations from my fitness guru Tanjie Brewer, and allergy meds.
Prior to my retirement I took very few supplements and really didn’t even know much about taking care of ourselves as we age but time and mentors such as Dr. Crystal porter have helped and educated me on taking care of myself inside and out, I am so thankful, grateful and blessed to have these amazing women that give so much to so many….blessings on blessings.

Looking healthy

I also ensure that I get regular massages, throw in a mani-pedi here and there, as well as use skin softening lotions that absorb nicely, been a regular Mary Kay client for years, thanks to my own consultant Ms. Vicki Evans, brush my teeth and wash my face twice a day, use sunscreen and protect my sensitive skin at all costs. I have been told that I have remarkable skin by my own sister, we always speak truth to each other, many times it is not pretty, but always done in love.
I love who I am, Child of God, wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, individual, educator, speaker and teacher. I love the many parts that make up the one.
I want you to have that same LOVE of self, not selfish love but self-love, you see the one true way to be able to take care of others is to first take care of self, and always stay blessed and healthy!