Transitioning To A Gluten-Free Lifestyle

I am frequently asked the question how to get started in being gluten-free (GF). I say first you must know and understand your likes and dislikes in essence understanding yourself.

Do you love chocolate, or fruit, what is your favorite breads, are you someone that must have bread with every meal, or are you a big sandwich eater.  What are your favorite drinks, or sauces, some contain gluten such as Soy Sauce,Teriyaki, and Licorice,you would be surprised,even some alcohols contain gluten, always check the label.

Much of what you currently do, eat or drink will determine how well you adjust to a gluten-free lifestyle. I was blessed that I was never a big bread eater, and never liked beer so staying away from these two or only indulging sparingly in the (GF) ones is not an issue for me, what do you like?

First and foremost you MUST be ready, be tired of feeling yucky, tired of acid reflux, and absolutely ready to make a change, if you are not it will be really challenging to change your eating habits that you have been living with your entire life.

After you have made the mental adjustments of being ready for the change and began to write down the foods, and drinks that you like, love, or frequent, it’s time to really put in some work.

Choose Wisely

There are many brands of gluten-free products, many large chain restaurants now offering gluten-free menus, some are legitimate and some are just looking to take advantage of the dollars that are now associated with gluten-free, be aware of which ones you choose to associate.

MsPsGFree Inc was born from a need to have delicious, nutritious and healthy gluten-free baked goods. The first requirement is to be delicious, we spend hours baking, researching, looking at and tasting the items we sell.  Our plan is to get better at what we do everyday because it matters.  We want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle that provides clarity, comfort and delicious taste as well as convenience for not just our customers but also for our friends, family and especially to ourselves, we eat what we develop..

Ms.P's Gluten-free

MsPsGFree Inc also partners with the retailer that started the healthy foods craze, Whole Foods Markets.  There are those who call the store Whole Paycheck, and the prices are a little higher, I always say, “you can pay now, or you can pay later”, and I would rather pay now and know that I have taken steps to work on my health and take better care of myself than pay later where I am unable to maintain the lifestyle I have built due to poor health.

Our health is the result of the decisions we have made throughout our lifetime, I am working daily to preserve mine as much as possible by determining what I should eat, how much I move and maintaining a clear mind, gluten can cause brain fog, and about seven hundred other issues within our bodies, everyone is different so I choose to stay away from it.

Whatever store you choose just be sure to read the labels, many food companies try to disguise gluten.  Gluten is a Wheat, Rye and Barley, but goes by several different names: Triticum vulgareTriticale, Hordeum vulgareSecale cerealeTriticum spelta, just to name a few. The FDA requires that forms of gluten be listed on many ingredient labels, but only if it is more than 20 ppm (parts per million) so in essence you may still get trace amounts of the protein by what you choose to eat, so I caution you to choose wisely.

Six Ways To Prepare For A Gluten-Free (GF) Lifestyle

These six are my top recommendations for going gluten-free and really assisted me in my transition to a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle:

  1. Know the foods you really enjoy and find a gluten-free alternative.
  2. Read labels so that you know what does have gluten and look for keywords listed above
  3. Find your favorite store that carries delicious and healthy gluten-free products such as Whole Foods.
  4. Preparation – ensure that you are preparing yourself when leaving home for extended periods of time.
  5. Check us out at to discover your favorites.
  6. Look for gluten-free items that are conscious of the sugar content or use natural alternatives to processed sugar. (see our blog: Is Sugar More Addictive Than Wheat)

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to transition to this gluten-free lifestyle there are a couple more tips, ensure that you properly prepare for your new journey. If this means leaving the house for work, ensure that you know about places close to your work so you can have a safe and healthy lunch, salads are great, but eating one daily for weeks,can get a little boring, prepare well, and always be prepared, if attending events let the host know of your dietary needs, and absolutely let servers and even the chef know at any eating establishments you visit.

Many offices don’t bring in treats much anymore due to the pandemic but if they do, ensure that you either bring, bake or find a place where you can get great GF donuts, bagels, or muffins so that you are not tempted to grab something in office and pay for it later, and if you really enjoy the items you find, you can share with others in the group and maybe help them learn more about on this GF journey.  

Don’t deprive yourself the items you truly enjoy, if you do you will not adjust well to this GF journey, find GF alternative and deliciousness where you can. Ensure that you watch the sugar and calorie intake, moving and finding better ways to move is what we are big on at MsPsGFree, so get moving!

Finally, let friends, family members and those close to you know of your transition to the GF lifestyle, they can then cheer you on as you take control of your diet, move more and learn to live, love and enjoy your life and health that much more. Stay blessed and healthy!