Surviving The Pandemic

At the beginning of 2020, the year started with the same promise as most years have for the last five.  I have gone into the new year with the dream, wish and prayer of this being the year that MsPsGFree Inc hits the map.

As most small businesses will tell you this year has been nothing like former years and has been more of a nightmare than a happy new beginning.  As a small business we face so many obstacles, and now a worldwide pandemic…really!

MsPsGFree is now producing products for fifteen Whole Foods stores in and around the Chicagoland area and are set to go onto Amazon to sell, just went virtual with the Black Mall and is gearing up to participate in two virtual activities, one for Western Illinois University, and one for the Nourished Fest (was the Gluten-free Expo).

We are sponsoring each of these virtual events with the hopes of getting our information out to a broader audience and exposing our target market to our deliciousness.

This business was built to accomplish a few things, to give us more freedom in life to explore, to teach and educate, to allow us to live out our dream of changing the way people eat, and live.  We were also founded to make the gluten-free world a tastier place by providing delicious gluten-free baked goods that were not chaulked full of sugar, but still taste great, so that people can enjoy food, maintain this critical diet and thrive.  And finally,  to break generational curses that seem to run rampant through this family of early death.

My mom passed away at 60, far too young, my dad passed away at 42, ridiculously young and my sister passed away in 2018 of a heart attack at 51, so unnecessary.  I feel tasked to erase this generational stigma and begin a new chapter for our family, one that thrives instead of just surviving.

This business is also a way to build a family legacy that will promote and propel our family to the next level.  The one way to ensure that our children’s children has a decent chance at life is to build something sustainable.

I have been working, dreaming, praying and moving in what I think is the right direction.  I am concerned that it all may have been in vain.  This pandemic of 2020, has put a damper on our small business and many other businesses, both large and small.

I have seen some giant businesses go down in flames during this year, J.C. Penny, Pier 1 Imports, Art Van Furniture and Neiman Marcus have all filed for chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

I am absolutely a praying woman and know that I don’t have all the details about the internal issues within these giants, but I do see that our sales in Whole Foods Markets have slumped since we can no longer conduct demonstrations in the stores and it has been a real challenge to get buyers to continue to give us the shelf space needed to move forward in some stores.

I am implementing some store marketing and maintenance to assist in promoting the products and praying that we can survive this year, then begin to thrive again.

What once started as a dream, a hope, a prayer than a challenging beginning is now moving me to make some tough decisions.

I continue to state that I am up for this fight, but must now more than ever make some strategic moves to get this brand recognized, motivated and moving in the right direction. I have been told that no matter how good our products are, we must learn to differentiate ourselves from others and to stand alone to win this fight.

I continue to state that with God, all things are possible and with his help guidance and using our ability to capture our target market, we will keep moving forward. Stay blessed and healthy!

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