MsPs for the Holiday, finding Thankfulness

The holidays has us thinking of family.  Our family would gather around the table for Thanksgiving and share why we are thankful.

2020 has been a year like no other in our lifetime, yet we must find our thankfulness.  We are highly challenged by COVID-19, racial injustice and economic instability, with these conflicts it is difficult to find our thankfulness.

Along with the issues listed above, there is a recommendation to avoid family gatherings for the holidays and avoid travel, we must still find our thankfulness.

Families have lost loved ones, children have passed away prematurely, and our seniors are severely challenged, yet we must find our thankfulness.

The Marsh Family

Since MsPsGFree and our family will are not traveling, we have decided to forgo the large holiday gathering and concentrate on spreading joy, and thankfulness.  We are sharing thankfulness, by providing unique holiday boxes and baskets.  These are full of our deliciousness and include Christmas items, surprises and even family games to be shared. 

Unique gift boxes are available, where we get to create thankfulness with our wonderful Granola that has no added processed sugar, contain whole raw cashews and almonds, cranberries and raisins surrounded by heart healthy oats. MsPsGFree Granola is great as a cereal, with fruit and yogurt, and even right out of the bag.

You will get the scrumptious Cookie Bars that are melt in your mouth delicious, they will have all five of your senses thankful.  These bars have a graham cracker crust, semi-sweet and milk chocolate, almonds and pecans, a smidge of coconut flakes and sweetened condensed milk.  Cookie Bars can also be ordered dairy free, these delicious bars include sweetened condensed almond or coconut milk, dairy free chocolate and earth balance in the crust instead of butter.

Included in our holiday offerings is also Peppermint Toffee, the smooth chocolate tops the delicate toffee, and is blanketed with cool peppermint.  This toffee has been described as Christmas in your mouth, talk about thankfulness.

Blesdsing Basket

The above shows some of our unique baskets that are available along with the holiday baskets mentioned.  These baskets can be pre-purchased and sent our just in time for Christmas.  The earlier they are sent out the better, the gift boxes and baskets will all be unique in themselves, and you will bring joy and thankfulness to those that receive these treats.

When purchasing the boxes and baskets we are including our delicious selections that will be fresh throughout the holiday season.  Bare in mind that many of our gluten-free baked goods have a shorter shelf life due to avoiding many GMO’s, and preservatives.

We suggest that whenever possible to refrigerate the Cookie Bars and Toffee and avoid keeping them in warm area’s.  The Granola should not ever be refrigerated or frozen.

MsPsGFree is sponsoring a raffle for those customers ordering our deliciousness over the weekend after Thanksgiving.  This will include our holiday offerings for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

The raffle basket will include games, MsPs delicious products, a surprise gift, and other scrumptious items.  This basket is the ultimate family game night basket, get yours today by taking advantage of our holiday offerings.

One raffle ticket will be provided for each local order made via the website on either Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday.  The drawing for the raffle will take place on via Facebook live on Monday, December 7th.  The winner will be notified via e-mail and social media and have seven days to connect with MsPsGFree to claim this one of a kind prize.

MsPsGFree Inc is thankful for God, who is the master of our universe, family whom we love dearly, an opportunity to grow, build community, reach and bless others whenever possible.

We must never lose sight of our thankfulness and know from where our blessings flow, stay blessed and healthy!

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