Meet Lisa Marsh

I began this journey in 2009, figuring out why I was having digestive issues and how to feel better. I tried going to the doctor and was told to stop eating fruits and veggies to stop eating dairy, I left feeling defeated and still not well. I then went to San Antonio Texas for training and another student in my class told me that she was gluten-free as we were discussing lunch options. I looked at her like she had two heads…I had never heard of being gluten-free, but after she explained her symptoms, she had listed many of the issues that was going on with me. I returned home from training and put myself on a gluten-free (GF) diet.

My husband said I was a hypochondriac, and the remainder of my family thought I had lost all my faculties, but I was determined to feel better.

I began throwing out everything that contained Wheat, Rye or Barley or removing it from my diet and felt better, I lost 20 pounds since I didn’t know what to eat so I wasn’t eating much.

Being born and raised on the south side of Chicago to a full family where my mom cooked everyday, I began searching for tasty GF.  I remember finding some triple chocolate break apart cookies that were expensive back then a whole $7.00, I really needed a snack so I purchased them, got home and baked them and was ready for my treat…instead I got WAX…. The cookies were expensive, and not good, that is when I decided to bake what I like to snack on.

My first creation was the Cookie Bars, I spent hours reading labels, understanding the sneaky ways gluten was put into our foods, how to get the ingredients to bind and giving away my new creation to all that wanted them.

When I first baked the bars, they would not bind, they were a plate of Cookie bars crumbs piled high, my brother tasted them and said wow, that is good, I said it is, he reassured me that indeed they were very tasty.

The Cookie Bars are near and dear to my heart and I love sharing them with anyone who loves a delicious tasty chocolate snack, and especially those that are like me and must maintain the GF diet, I now even have a dairy free version that is just as good as the original.

If you have not tasted our deliciousness, you are truly missing a treat, GF and delicious now that is what I call a Win/Win!

Lisa L. Marsh is Founder/CEO of MsPsGFree Inc.

I have been GF for over ten years and am learning about health and habits continually!

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