Loving Lemon

In the multitude of popular baked goods that we create at MsPsGFree, nothing has challenged us more than our lemon bar.  Our lemon poppyseed is wonderful, we have learned to cook it at the right temperature, how to mix it just right and to glaze it quickly while still warm to get the glaze to soak in nicely.


The poppyseed is one of my favorite baked goods that we produce, it is filled with luscious real lemons after we detract the zest we then squeeze the juice from the lemons and add it to the batter for that extra zing. Our poppy also contains monkfruit instead of processed sugar in the batter which was a little tough at first, it is now our secret to keeping the poppy healthier and still great tasting.

I love to glaze the warm cake as we use our brush to ensure that it get soaked into all parts of the cake. We mix our icing using a little confectionery sugar and layer the icing onto the tops of the delicious glazed cake.

We love using fresh lemons in our creations, they make them so delicious, we also will use some organic lemon juice when it is challenging to get enough juice from the lemons and especially in our lemon bars since they call for lots of lemon juice.

Lemon Bars

We hand make our lemon bar crust using only the finest ingredients as well as a few of our secret ingredients. This mix makes our crust light and delectable. We bake the crust first then pour on the lemon filling while the crust is still warm from the oven, then bake the bars to perfection.

We use dairy free ingredients in the lemon filling and only use butter in the crust, we can also make the crust dairy free upon request by using Earth Balance or Coconut Oil. We have used a buttery spread previously and I like the results but want to keep our baking ingredients healthier and more natural.

Once the filling has set and the bars are cooled we add confectionery sugar to the top, we have attempted to use a stevia or confectionery alternative but the results are not the same.

Because the monkfruit or stevia are crystallized or liquid it makes the bars scratchy or watery and we look for that smooth texture where ever possible in our gluten-free baked goods.

We at MsPsGFree Inc are constantly testing our baked goods to determine the best mailing method, how to preserve the products during mailing and how to ensure you get the best tasting and freshest products possible. For that reason we freeze and deliver our cookie bars frozen to all of our Whole Food Market locations.

We love creating and bringing you the most delicious, most natural, reduced processed sugar and amazing products available. Our firm belief is that with eating cleaner products, and moving more such as daily exercise, or walking will deliver you the best life results.

Our methods are not a quick fix, but a long term solution to looking, and feeling better and more vibrant everyday, we strive for optimal health and happiness and invite you along for the ride, won’t you join us!