Learn To Bake Gluten Free

Growing up on the southside of Chicago, we were a family that cooked, my mom didn’t work since there were six of us kids, plus her and daddy, and it would have cost more to send us to daycare than mom would make at any job.

Mom made certain that dinner was cooked most days and on the table before 6 pm, I hated the fact that she was a homemaker and not in the workforce, although I did not understand why I hated it.

As I grew up resenting my mom for not being in the workforce and us not having many of the creature comforts that I began to think were necessary, my mind shifted.

I began to be home more with mom and in the kitchen trying to understand this cooking thing, well baking is quite different than cooking.

Learning To Bake

Believe me when I tell you that I stated in my mature 18 year old voice, ” I am going to college so I will not have to cook”.  That statement has come back to bite me, I find myself loving to bake.

I love the measurement of each item, all the ingredients should be measured as well as possible, I envy those self taught bakers who can eyeball the ingredients and the batch comes out just right each time…that’s not me….LOL.

I measure my ingredients, write down when I make adjustments that work out well for my recipes and ensure that I beat my wet ingredients first, mix the dry ingredients separately then only mix the two directly before we are ready to pour.

When using eggs, always add them one at a time allowing the batter to completely mix before adding the next one.

Always mix your butter and sugar first (I use many alternatives to processed sugar) when baking crusts or cookies, then either add eggs one at a time, or other ingredients.  Ensure that your sugar and butter are mixed well before beginning to add eggs or anything else.

When baking muffins, I find that mixing the eggs and sweetener first is best, add other ingredients that are wet to the mix, then add your dry and lastly add the Olive Oil, especially for Lemon Poppyseed.

Mixing Wet and Dry  

Once my wet ingredients are mixed well, I turn off my mix-master, add my dry ingredients and stir it to ensure the bowl doesn’t have mix all over the counter, I also use a splash guard when mixing recipes that call for lots of liquid such as our Lemon Bars.  Once the mix is stirred nicely, I return to my mix-master and complete the job.

It is pertinent in GF mixing, not to mix your batch too much, it can become gooey and won’t bake up correctly, so after you mix your batch together, only use the mixer for about a minute or two, just to ensure that everything is mixed well.

Please use a baking spray, I prefer either Olive Oil or Avocado Oil to lightly batter my pans, they are healthier and do a great job in getting your baked goods too loosen from the pan.


When baking many delicacies I use the average oven setting at 350, and for cookies I usually bake them no more than 12 minutes, cakes and muffins usually bake up nice in 30 minutes or less, always watch your items in the oven, some ovens cook faster than others.

After baking allow your items to cool completely before removing them from the pans, otherwise you may have pieces of your creation instead of the entire portion.

Storing Gluten-free baked goods

Many GF baked goods can be frozen quickly and kept for when you want to enjoy them, so allow them to cool all the way, then wrap them in either Saran or Foil, place them in a freezer bag, writing down the date and item on the bag so you know what you have and when you baked it, then enjoy your fresh baked deliciousness for weeks to come.

If refrigeration is necessary please know that it tends to dry out your GF baked goods and leaving them out on the counter too long makes them stale and tasteless after a few days.  Freezing your delicacies is probably the best way to go, especially if you like what you created and want to have some a little down the road.

GF baking can be a little challenging, but the more you do it and then begin to add your own twist to your items, the more comfortable with it you become.

Stay blessed and healthy!