Going Dairy Free

The first item that we created dairy free is our delicious Cookie Bars, the dairy free bar was introduced at the request of many of our customers who wanted the deliciousness of the Cookie Bar but without the effects of dairy. 

Dairy Free Deliciousness

We use the same delicious crust except we substitute Earth Balance instead of Butter, we bake the crust to delicious perfection and top it with our wonderful dairy free, soy free chocolate chips, then layer on our coconut flakes, sliced almonds, pecans and sweetened condensed coconut milk.

Other Deliciousness

Other dairy free products that we offer include our Lemon Poppy-seed, these creations which come in either muffins or loafs are absolutely a crowd favorite.  The poppy-seed are delicate, delicious, poppy-seed filled and wonderful for the soul.  

We shred the zest into our batter, add some organic lemon juice, and sweeten these beauties with Monk fruit.  Once our poppies are baked, we baste them in our lemon juice mixture and then ice them with our lemon juice frosting.  They are a lemony, sweet sticky treat for all that love lemon and like licking the icing from your fingers and your fork.

Lip Smacking Lemon

Recently added to our repertoire is our absolutely delicious Lemon Bar, which we can make dairy free.  Depending on needs we can make the crust with Butter or use an alternate.  The lemony middle is absolutely dairy free using almond milk, organic lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.  These bars are so luscious and delicate ….you must really LOVE Lemon. These are the lemon lover’s dream.  The crust is delicate and crispy, the lemon is tangy and tingly, topped with confectioner’s sugar to give it that tangy and sweet combination that is oh so wonderful.

Going Bananas

We have Bananas as in our delicious and updated Banana Bread or muffins, they have ripened banana’s which makes them the sweetest treat.  Dairy free chocolate, walnuts and pecans which make these delicious and filling.

Why Go Dairy Free?

According to Huffpost about 75 percent of the world’s population is genetically unable to properly digest milk and other dairy products.  Dairy is also said to aggravate irritable bowel syndrome, is linked to prostate cancer and heart disease according to the same article.

Making A Choice:

 In a Harvard study, it is said that depending on the diet you consume, milk and dairy products can either be good or bad and it depends on individual needs.

There are various schools of thought on milk and dairy products, which is why we offer alternatives to our deliciousness and allow our consumers to choose what suits you best.  
We firmly believe that gluten manifests itself many different ways in the body and that most should be gluten-free.  
We clearly understand the world’s addiction to wheat and wheat products and work daily to educate and inform.  We are researching and reporting on other allergies such as dairy and do have some dairy issues, but we still love Pizza and Ice Cream but only indulge sparingly in dairy, we are strictly gluten-free.

Know Your Tolerance

In college we were said to have a spastic colon which we later determined was a gluten intolerance then, but only became GF after health issues began to bubble over and disrupt life.

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