Gluten Alternatives

Okay so you’ve been having symptoms after consuming things that you know for sure have gluten you have stomach pains, diarrhea, digestion issues, acid reflux, now what?

When you get that diagnosis or, personally come to the conclusion that consuming gluten isn’t for you, it can be very scary, you’re probably thinking it’s the end! You might as well just eat vegetables for the rest of your life.

Don’t give up hope just yet, today so many companies and restaurants provide gluten free options or alternatives to your favorite dishes, but just know, they are going to taste a little different, once your palate adjusts, life will be wonderful, No More digestive pains. It is for sure a transition, but we all want to be our best selves and remain happy and healthy.

Eating Out and Grocery Shopping 

Always ask when you go out to eat if the restaurant has a gluten option, and when doing some grocery shopping more grocery stores than ever now offer gluten free isles or sections because the gluten free community is growing daily.

One of many benefits about a gluten free diet is that some have experienced weight loss, because you are educating yourself on what to eat and what not to eat. For me, I was so confused that I wasn’t eating much which caused me to drop 10-20 pounds. 

Not everyone will experience this, and currently there are many gluten-free snacks, and foods available when just a short ten years ago, many people in my world had never heard of gluten, let alone considered becoming gluten-free.

Alternative Grains

Many of the foods we consume today can cause weight gain such as breads or pastas, the really heavy foods typically contain wheat, rye, or barely or other grains that make up Gluten.Here are a few grains you can enjoy while on a gluten free diet.

  1. Sorghum which is cultivated as a cereal grain, has a mild flavor that works well in sweet and savory baked goods, try it in your favorite cakes and bakery snacks.
  2. Quinoa is a more popular grain as of late, it is also a good source of protein.
  3. We all know about Oats if we consume oatmeal and cereal bars. Oats are gluten-free however, due to cross contamination when grown, usually with wheat, you have to be careful when purchasing, making certain they are 100 percent gluten free. I attempted Oats early in my gluten-free transition and was not at all happy with the results. I now use 100% gluten-free oats in our Granola, it is heart healthy, delicious, and full of Omega 3’s.

There are many different grains you can consume and put into recipes that do not contain gluten, you must research any grain that you consider using, or even think about going grain free to give your body a break from the everyday norms.

MsPsGFree Mission

It is the greatest joy for the MsPsGFree team to provide you with advice and information that has worked for us.  We absolutely understand that everyone is different and what works for some may not work for all.

Our mission is to provide you with excellent ways to take care of, nurture and love the body you have and if not, assist you in developing wonderful habits to naturally change your body into whatever you desire it to be.  Here is to your good health, stay blessed and healthy!