Deliciousness Personified

 I was first

This delicious Cookie Bar was the very first snack food that we came up with and believe us, it was a challenge to get it first to bind into a bar, and not crumble as its removed from the pan, then to keep them around once people began tasting them.  We worked tirelessly to bring this bar to life and provide it for those that love tasty snacks.  Not just tasty GF (gluten-free) snacks just tasty snacks period.

 Why I am so delicious

We use only the finest GF products for our snack foods, we are looking at our costs of goods and services ensuring that we can indeed afford to bring this GF deliciousness to market.  We use a graham-cracker crust, two types of chocolate (daughter #1 doesn’t like chocolate, we need to check her birth certificate to ensure she belongs to us), two types of nuts, (also nuts about nuts) almonds, pecans, coconut flakes, and sweetened condensed milk.  So delicious you would not know it is gluten-free unless we tell you.

Commercial baked

When the Cookie Bars come out of the oven, you can smell the deliciousness on them, they are soft and moist yet chewy and scrumptious.  Our entire commercial kitchen smells like mom’s house on a Saturday morning as she prepares cookies for Church the next day…so good!

Dairy Free

Our Cookie Bars were so absolutely delicious and because so many of us need to be dairy free, we now have a dairy free Cookie Bar.  These are just as wonderful as the original version. Instead of butter in the crust we use earth balance, and instead of regular chocolate…still love it, we use allergy, soy and milk free chocolate chips, and instead of sweetened condensed milk we use sweetened condensed coconut milk.  We took some to Church and they were loved by all, we were told they were just as great as the original Cookie Bars….whipeeeee!

Good Business?

These delicious snack bars are taking a beating to our wonderful Granola which truly surprises us, yet we continue to make them since they were first and we absolutely Love them, not sure this is a smart business decision but it is definitely a heart decision, time will tell…..

Stay blessed and healthy!

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