Clean Eating

Before making a choice to start eating foods that were better for me I honestly ate anything at any time. My whole life I was able to eat what I wanted whenever I wanted until one day, I was looking through my pictures and did not like what it was that I was looking at. I started by just swapping out healthier snacks for things that just tasted good or that I had easy access to; instead of a candy bar or bag of chips I would maybe have carrots, or mango slices. Taking the time to actually watch what I was putting into my body I realized eating healthier was not necessarily harder it just took more dedication and focus.


Ms. Ps Gluten free granola played a big role in helping me find a quick snack that was healthy and tasty. Implementing anything Ms. Ps. Into my diet is never hard because of the simple fact that it is healthier than the alternative but it is also always delicious and tasty. I love all Ms. Ps baked items from the lemon poppy seed muffins to the peppermint toffee; but when it came to the granola its naturally sweetened with honey which is better than being sweetened with sugar, but is also very tasty. It has chia seeds which are supposed to help with feeling fuller without consuming as much food. These chia seeds also contain fiber and antioxidants, contain an abundance of protein and omega-3 fatty acids which help heart health. The oats combined with all these other yummy and healthy ingredients make for the perfect universal snack that also tastes great. I found myself just occasionally snacking on the granola, maybe adding it to some Greek yogurt for that extra crunch; but however I implemented it into my diet it was easy filling and still healthy. Seeing the change in my waistline as well as other things like clearer skin and more energy throughout the day motivated me more than ever to stay on the right track there is nothing like seeing the results of your hard work every day. With Ms. Ps. Granola it made it easier to snack and still remain on track to attain all of health goals.