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Clean Eating Journey By A Fan Favorite

Before making a choice to start eating foods that were better for me, I honestly ate anything at any time. My whole life I was able to eat what I wanted whenever I wanted until one day, I was looking through my pictures and did not like what was there. I started by just swapping out unhealthy snacks, researching what actually is good for me and making those my go to snack, such as MsPs Granola….  Instead of a candy bar or bag of chips I would maybe have carrots, or cut of mangoes topped with Granola.

The Results

Taking the time to actually watch what I was putting into my body I realized eating healthier was not necessarily harder it just took more dedication and focus. MsPs Granola played a big role in helping me find a quick snack that was healthy and tasty. Implementing anything MsPs into my diet is never hard because of the simple fact that it is healthier than the alternative but it is also always delicious and tasty.

Reducing My Sugar Intake

MsPsGFree has reduced the amount of processed sugar in all of her baked goods and began using natural alternatives such as Monkfruit, Stevia, and or small amounts of Organic Sugar, or Confection Sugar.  The baked items are tested for taste and texture, ensuring quality products that are amazingly delicious.

The Favorites 

I love all MsPs baked items from the lemon poppy seed muffins, to the peppermint toffee; but when it came to the granola its naturally sweetened with honey & stevia which is a more natural sweetener than sugar, stevia can sometimes leave a after taste in the raw or if you use too much but in the granola it seems like the perfect combination with no after taste. The granola also has flax and chia seeds which help with feeling fuller along with the gluten free oats, without consuming as much food. The chia and flax seed also contain fiber, antioxidants an abundance of protein and omega-3 fatty acids which help heart health. The oats combined with all these other yummy and healthy ingredients make for the perfect universal snack that also tastes good. I found myself just occasionally snacking on the granola, maybe adding it to some Greek yogurt for that extra crunch. 

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